Veronica Silva
Licensed Spiritual Counselor


Veronica Silva


Veronica has a unique combination of Western Medicine knowledge combined with a holistic approach. She understands the importance of being at peace with the choices one makes. She helps clients be at peace with their medication regimen and respects their alternative choices. She has seen the benefits of holistic and alternative practices integrated with Western Medicine.


As a Nurse Educator, she helps clients navigate their hospital stay, a new diagnosis, a new medication and any other health related challenges. Through her many years as a hospital nurse, Veronica can help clients traverse the areas of skilled nursing, home health, medications and more. 

Additionally, Veronica understands that we are holistic beings and that health includes balance of the physical as well as emotional mental. As a Certified Yoga Instructor and Spiritual Counselor, Veronica has helped people walk through uncertain times. She lends a listening ear with a heart full of compassion...

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