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Veronica Silva, RN, MA, BSN


Veronica Silva, RN, MA, BSN

It Only Takes a Minute!

Stress is the #1 contributor to health and wellbeing ailments. If you are reading this, you have probably struggled with stress and/or anxiety -- or know someone who does. I learned many tools to manage my stress, but the most effective tool that I can use ANYWHERE and ANYTIME is the Mindfulness Minute. 

Hello, my name is Veronica Silva. I have struggled with stress and anxiety most of my life. I couldn't understand why I had so much fear. It limited my life, it stopped my progress and it made me sick. I even tried to numb the stress with food and alcohol.  What I have learned over the years, is that stress doesn't go away, but I did learn ways to navigate it.  I learned to accept that part of me that gets anxious, that is fearful and that wants to crawl into a ball under the covers. I learned that my anger was often anxiety that I hadn't recognized yet. What I also learned are many tools to stop the cascade effect that used to take me from zero to 100 in a blink of an eye. 

As a registered nurse, a yoga instructor, a meditation practitioner and Licensed Spiritual Counselor, my goal is to help others know that they do not have to live that way. That there are tools and ways to manage day to day stressors. I would like to teach you about the Mindfulness Minute and many other tricks to take hold of your life -- one minute at a time. 

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