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Be Your Own Cheerleader

We often want to be "there"...wherever "there" is, and we want to be there yesterday. There are such high demands we put upon ourselves that can sometimes push us into our anxiety zone. We want the promotion, the bigger house, nice care, etc...and it can cost us our wellbeing if we aren't careful.

A great practice to have if you are a high achiever, is the practice of being a gentle witness to yourself. Often we give ourselves negative self talk, saying," why'd ya do that you dummy," or, "you could have done better than that." This type of self talk adds to the stressors we already are experiencing. If you can step back for a moment and take a look -- take a moment to recognize how amazing you are. Look at what you have done up to this point. Maybe you missed a deadline, or broke a promise, but this does not define who you are.

Begin the practice of telling yourself its ok. Everything is going to be ok. In that moment, you may not know how, but somehow it will turn out always does. Tell yourself that you are a blessing, that you've got this! Be your own cheerleader! Often times we do not get the encouragement we seek as we journey down the difficult paths of life. Sometimes we have to give it to ourselves. Remind yourself that you have come a long way baby, and you have a long way to go, a work in progress.

Negative self talk contributes to anxiety, and it is not true about you. Maybe there is someone in your life who used to speak that way to you. Well today is a new day. We no longer accept that type of conversation in our mind. If you catch yourself saying something negative towards yourself, whether out loud or in your mind, say to yourself, "Hey! don't talk to my amazing self like that!" your own cheerleader!

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